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Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer offers certain free legal services, mostly free legal documents and discounted legal counsel, to customers who avail of their subscription plans. Rocket Lawyer is most well-known for its RocketLawyer desktop software, which helps its users generate thousands of legal documents from the comfort of their own homes, and yes, without the help of an attorney.

Saves money for me and my company!

April 4, 2012 – Peter M. Spartan

I love how easy it is to do the documents, and how much time and money Rocket Lawyer saves me and my company. It is not only up-to-date and accurate, this site just makes sense!

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Find Legal Forms is a legal documentation service that can be accessed online. A subscription to Find Legal Forms entitles you to unlimited access to the company’s online database of over 10,000 legal documents of all types.

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LegalZoom is a legal documentation and filing company that offers instant access to legal forms and documents. LegalZoom works by producing all sorts of legal forms and documents. You simply have to sign your e-mail address up in LegalZoom’s website and this is done for free. Once you become a LegalZoom member, you can access the online questionnaires made specifically for each legal document you want to have. LegalZoom has documents ranging from a wide range of legal concerns.

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